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Doll Accessories

Stargaze Stitchery Tome #9~Tyvek~Cellophane~Organza
A STARGAZE STITCHERY TOME #9, Tyvek~Cellophane~Organza pattern
Artist & Designer: Patti Medaris Culea

Price: $14.00 

The Aeronaut
The Aeronaut 20"(50cm)cloth art doll
Designed by: Suzette Glastonbury Rugolo

Price: $16.99 

To The Hop Poodle Skirt
TO THE HOP POODLE SKIRT and if you have an embroidery machine you can make the sweater, poodle and record doll stand rug with it for a 17" doll! A Klever Keeling Kreation, Gloria Nickolis copyright 2017
Artist: Barb and Doug Keeling

Price: $9.00 

Xiuying, Lantern Maker
XIUYING, LANTERN MAKER~14" cloth art doll pattern
Artist & Designer: Patti Medaris Culea

Price: $16.00 
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