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Art & Doll Classes
Take online classes by expert teachers in doll making and embellishment. You don't have to be a member to take a class; they are open to everyone.

Poinsettia Pattern Tutorial
11 seated cloth fairy doll with Paperclay face.
Artist Designer: Frowning Francis
Check out the Class as well!

Price: $20.00 

Tashina Class
Tashina, a 20" Sea Siren
Online class with Sherry Goshon
Starts November 7, 2017, can be self paced, Artist available for questions. Class is ongoing

Price: $45.00 

Enchanted Fairy Tree Class
Online class with Michelle Munzone
Soft doll and tree

Price: $55.00 

Rose on her Honeymoon~Pattern Tutorial
18 doll made in a unique & wonderful way!
Designer: Caroline Erbsland

Price: $30.00 

Rose on Her Honeymoon Class
18 doll
Designer: Caroline Erbsland
Class begins October 23, 2017

Price: $55.00 

Santa on a Stick
Santa Sculpture in polymer clay Pattern Tutorial
Artist Maria Saracino

Price: $12.00 

White Crow Witch Pattern Tutorial
10" x 11" painted Muslin and Paperclay art doll.
Doll Artist: Frowning Francis

Price: $20.00 

Poinsettia Class
11 seated cloth fairy doll with Paperclay face.
Teacher: Frowning Francis
Class is ongoing and can be self paced. Teacher available to answer questions.

Price: $40.00 

Rose the Good Witch Class
24" (60cm) tall, make her smaller if you like. Intermediate-Advanced
Designer: Tanja Martinovic

Price: $45.00 

Noelle Class
10" wall hanging doll
Starts October 12, 2017 and ongoing, Join anytime!

Sale Price:
$50.00 $45.00 

Spirit of Christmas Past Fairy Class
14 cloth art doll fairy
Designer: Barbara Schoenoff

Sale Price:
$50.00 $45.00 

Harvest Queen class
Harvest Queen~Dimensional wall art
Online class with Judy Skeel
Class starts now! Sign up for this ongoing class

Sale Price:
$50.00 $45.00 

Beaded Christmas Ornaments Class
Online class with Michelle Munzone
Beaded and Acrylic Ornaments

Price: $25.00 

Hansel and Gretel Class
14" pair of cloth dolls
Starts September 4, 2017

Price: $60.00 

Song of Hope class
20" wall hanging doll
Starts May 26, 2017

Price: $45.00 
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