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Rivkah Mizrahi

Cloth Rendition of Vintage Arranbee doll
Designer: Doll Makers Muse- Rivkah Mizrahi

Price: $20.00 

Draidel Maidel
14" cloth Channukah doll
Designer: Rivkah Mizrahi

Price: $20.00 

Niamh Class
22 doll with wire armature
Designer:Doll Makers Muse Rivkah Mizrahi

Price: $67.00 

18 cloth doll with a unique pregnant tummy
Designer:: Doll Makers Muse Rivkah Mizrahi

Price: $22.00 

20" Cloth Doll, Intense Mixed Media Study
Designer: Doll Makers Muse / Rivkah Mizrahi

Price: $16.00 
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