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Art & Doll Classes
Take online classes by expert teachers in doll making and embellishment. You don't have to be a member to take a class; they are open to everyone.

Ella Blu Class
Ella Blu
22 doll, mixed media
Designer: Sherry Goshon

Price: $50.00 

Orsino Marionette Class
14 (36cm) Tall Marionette
Designer: Michelle Munzone
Class begins March 15, 2013

Price: $45.00 

Moon Fae
3-Dimensional Mixed Media creation with 7 fairy
Online class with Judy Skeel

Price: $45.00 

Brink class
Cloth with a paperclay face, learn to use recycled ojbects in a new fashion
Online class with Linda Misa
Class is ongoing

Price: $30.00 

MacKenzie - a Snow Angel
No sew, use of old and new product in a new way
Designer: Sherry Goshon

Price: $25.00 

Candy Corn Witch
Candy Corn Witch - cloth doll class with Sherry Goshon
Ongoing, available

Price: $10.00 

Online class: A fun altered matchbox (polymer clay) taught by Angela Jarecki

Price: $15.00 

Time Keeper Class
A working clock doll
taught by Michelle Munzone
Class begins October 27, 2017, is ongoing and can be self paced. Join anytime after this date as well. Teacher available for questions.

Price: $55.00 

Pantalone Class
Cloth doll online class with
Michelle Munzone
Begins Feb 4, 2011

Price: $55.00 

14.5" inch cloth doll class
with Angela Jarecki
Begins Jan 7, 2011

Price: $45.00 

Paperclay Over Cloth class
Online class with Michelle Munzone
Class is self paced, always available

Price: $27.00 

Cloth Overlay Technique class
Online Class with Michelle Munzone
Class is self paced, always available

Price: $27.00 
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