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Art & Doll Classes
Take online classes by expert teachers in doll making and embellishment. You don't have to be a member to take a class; they are open to everyone.

Handling Hands class
Online class cloth hand making with Judy Skeel
Class available to join anytime!

Price: $30.00 

Pocket Fae class
What Have They Got in Their Pocketses...?
Polymer clay class with Dawn Schiller.

Price: $55.00 

Celeste - cage doll class
Paper Clay and cloth doll, with wire cage.
Class is ongoing! JOIN NOW, PLAY LATER!

Price: $60.00 

Enkai Nou class
Online class: a 27" mermaid
with Angela Jarecki

Price: $60.00 

Steampunk Oddfae class
Online class with Dawn Schiller
Class is ongoing, join anytime!

Price: $60.00 

Fanciful Fairy Wings class
Online Class with Judy Skeel
Learn to make wings - nearly 50 wing patterns included

Price: $60.00 

Cloth Marrotte class
Online class teaching five cloth faces
with Judy Skeel

Price: $45.00 

Moon Raiser class
22 mixed media cloth doll class
Designer: Patti LaValley

Price: $60.00 

Hey Doll Face class
Online cloth doll face class with Judy Skeel
Class is ongoing

Price: $50.00 

Needle Sculpting Class
Online Workshop with Michelle Munzone
Self paced, always available

Price: $27.00 

Maridrial class
Free standing 18" fairy
Designer: Patti Medaris Culea
Class ongoing, work at your own pace, ask questions when needed

Sale Price:
$55.00 $49.50 

Lady Anise class
Seated, 30 cloth jointed doll
Class is ongoing! JOIN NOW, play LATER

Price: $60.00 

Fetch class
Instructor: Dawn Schiller
Free standing Polymer clay doll
Class is ongoing, start anytime!

Price: $65.00 

Libelle - Dragonfly class
Online class with Sherry Goshon
Mixed media doll
Class is ongoing

Price: $45.00 

Steampunk Kangaroo Class
10 mom and 3 baby kangaroo
Teacher: Frowning Francis
Class is ongoing and can be self paced. Teacher available for questions. Class starts October 16, 2017

Price: $40.00 
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