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      Cloth Marrotte class

Cloth Marrotte with Judy Skeel

The Marrotte (pronounced: ma ROW) is also known as a Jester's Scepter and displays outrageous faces with whimsical features. This workshop will focus on the details of five whimsical three-dimensional needle sculpted faces to create heads to place on a rod or suitable for a doll. Highly embellished and whimsical, this all cloth head is a marvelous conversation piece whether displayed by hanging on a wall, standing in a vase or just laying around. Students will learn facial fundamentals without requiring the student to create an entire doll in a short period of time. Sewing machine skills are required. Dollmakers of all skill levels will enjoy this workshop creating a highly embellished funny looking head on a stick.

The Marrotte workshop teaches the differences between proportions of a realistic and a whimsical face as well as needle sculpting theory so students will understand how to adapt features through needle sculpting. Artistic coloring will complete the face with pens and pencils. Embellishment techniques include options for the wand and a variety of hat, hair and head wraps as well as ribbon and fabric manipulation and how to add “that crowning touch.” The Marrotte pattern includes five head options which will allow students to select more than one whimsical face to prepare for the workshop and experience the techniques for sculpting a wide variety of whimsical features with the option to mix and match techniques for your own one of a kind creations.

Techniques taught in the four lesson class are:

  • Proportion variations for realistic and whimsical faces
  • Needle sculpting theory and technique
  • Needlesculpting for whimsical faces
  • Artistic coloring with easy tools
  • Creating a wimple, hat and head wraps
  • Ribbon and fabric manipulation
  • Creative embellishment techniques
  • Lesson One: Shaping Cloth With Facial Proportions
    Lesson Two: Needlesculpting a Character
    Lesson Three: No Fail Face painting
    Lesson Four: Embellishments Galore

    Once upon a time Court Jesters were employed by kings all over the world. Tradition was that he who held the Jester Scepter or Marrotte was to entertain the royal family and their guests in any way possible, such as music, story telling, juggling, riddles and ways we can only imagine. In this way, the Jester distracted those he entertained from the worries and concerns at hand, and became as cherished as any family member. Use your Marrotte to entertain by passing it guest to guest to continue a story. If one cannot continue as story teller he must entertain in another fashion. May all worries and concerns vanish as you hold your Marrotte or Jester Scepter.

    Class is ongoing, join anytime.

    Price: $45.00 

    Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday (Eastern time) Contact Email: