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      Pantalone Class

(Pronounced- PUN-TA- LON- Y)

Height 20" (50 cm)
By Michelle Munzone
Class Starts February 4, 2011

Join CDAA (Canadian Doll Artist Assoc.) and NODAAA (National Original Dolls Artist of Australia Assoc.) artist, Michelle Munzone in creating Pantalone, another *Commedia D' Arte character.

This Workshop is divided into 5 Lessons for the INTERMEDIATE doll maker, beginners with sewing experience can make him too.

Michelle provides clear, step by step instructions all supported by many drawings and clear, full colour photos along the way. Michelle will answer all questions you have during the workshop and long after the class is over.

Work at your own pace.

    • Complete step by step instructions on sewing, stuffing,inserting the acrylic eyes and applying the eyelids.
    • Sculpting of the nose and mouth
    • Complete instructions on sewing and stuffing hands, arms,legs and body.
    • Making Armatures for Arms, Hands, Body and Legs.
    • Position and Sew legs to body around armature to make a stand alone figure.
    • Position and Sew head in place.
    • Position and Sew arms and hands in place.
    • Cut, sew and embellish his pants.
    • Cut, sew and embellish his jacket.
    • Cut, sew and embellish his cape and hat.
    • Sew money pouch.
    • Step by step details on how to draw, paint and shade the face and hands.
    • Attaching hair, beard and moustache with felting needle or glue option.
    • Further embellishments to jacket, hat and shoes with trims, braids, assorted beads and found treasures you've been saving.
    • Full instructions for making the mask and daggerout of polymer clay.
    • Attaching accessories in place.
    • Add those very important Finishing Touches to make Pantalone so special.

Pattern pieces are full sized.

Michelle's classes are filled with easy to follow, step by step instructions, with loads of hints and many, many close up colour photos and drawings to help you make your very own...


*From the 16-18th centuries, travelling troupes of actors performed the Commedia D' Arte, the Italian comedy, they began performing their act on simple stages set outdoors, loud, colourful representations blossomed everywhere in Italy and spread throughout Europe, see more -

Price: $55.00 

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday (Eastern time) Contact Email: