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The Aeronaut       The Aeronaut
THE AERONAUT 20"(50cm)
Artist & Designer: Suzette Glastonbury Rugolo

A whimsical pattern
Once again my father has handed me a book from the library. This time it was called "The Book of Balloons". Looking at the pictures of early balloon flight and what man thought could be achieved has inspired me to make "The Aeronaut".
The man sits in the basket of the balloon. THE AERONAUT was made to hang!
Included in the instructions and patterns are: SCULPTING & FACE PAINTING, all the costuming, his glasses, the basket and balloon, sandbags and oars! Come along on a journey with Suzette!
Suzette puts time and love into each of her creations and her instructions are in depth so you too can make your own doll-ightful creation! Start the young generation on these dolls. Make them together and teach them from these instructions.

Level: Beginner-Advanced Page size: US Letter

Sale info: 12 dolls a year may be made, ONLY by giving credit to the artist and designer of the pattern: Suzette Glastonbury Rugolo must be on hang-tag attached to dolls

Price: $16.99 

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