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      Hey Doll Face class

Hey Doll Face

Intensive cloth doll face painting class with Judy Skeel
Do faces befuddle you? Would you include people in your art or make cloth dolls if you could make them all headless? Choose this step by step online class with doll artist Judy Skeel and learn to relax about your faces.
Whether you want a detailed doll head or to learn to draw and color a face you'll find it all in this detailed 4 session workshop

Begin by learning tips and tricks for proper sewing and stuffing techniques to create a well shaped 3-dimensional head using 100% cotton fabric. Learn to use a needle and thread to add dimension to a cloth head with needle-sculpting by pronouncing the nose, detailing nostrils and recessing eye sockets for a more realistic face. Graduate to the cloth over cloth method where a layer of cotton is secured over the sculpted face for a smooth finish that hides all the seams and hand stitching from needle-sculpting Learn to alter the face with heat to make gorgeous pronounced lips that are just waiting for a kiss.
Continue your journey with adding color to your dimension. Not only will you learn the difference in facial proportions for realistic and fantasy characters but you will learn how to shape lips so they are symmetrical and believable through detailed photos on two different heads.
Step by step photos will guide you through adding color to not only detail features but to add highlighting and shading for a realistic “portrait” appearance. Complete your work with hair in the final lesson which teaches how to custom fit a Tibetan lamb skin wig as well as root eye lashes and brows for a spectacular 3-dimensional touch.

Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced

Enjoy these four detailed lessons with hundreds of step by step photos:
    Lesson One
  • Sewing and stuffing a cloth head, facial proportions and needle sculpting the face
    • Lesson Two
    • Cloth over cloth technique
      • Lesson Three
      • Drawing features, adding color and highlighting and shading on two different heads
        • Lesson Four
        • Custom creating a Tibetan Lamb skin wig and rooting eye lashes and brows
        • Class begins March 6.

          Price: $50.00 

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday (Eastern time) Contact Email: