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      Pocket Fae class
"What Have They Got in Their Pocketses...?"
A polymer clay online class with Dawn M Schiller, who will teach you to make this little Faerie dude. Class is ongoing.

I recently visited a watch repair shop and happened upon a Chrono Seidh (pronounced "seed"), one of the Tribe of Odd Folk that used to live in the Forest, but have become fascinated with timepieces and mechanical things.

These tiny fae will dwell in any type of clockcase they can find, but are especially fond of pocketwatches. Chrono Seidh can be very helpful in watch repair, as they can repair the tiny works without need for tools....

Learn to sculpt your OWN Chrono Seidh, also known as Pocket Trolls, in this class from Dawn M Schiller. Over 200 photos will take you step-by-step thru the process of creating your own little fae!.

Dawn is the author of “FaeMaker: Making Fantasy Characters in Polymer Clay”.

Price: $55.00
Sale Price: $44.00 

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday (Eastern time) Contact Email: