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      Harvest Queen class

Harvest Queen - online class

Wouldn't you just love to create this breath taking dimensional wall art? Judy Skeel will teach you the steps to draw the enchanting paper doll bust or you can use her template and simply “color her in” with Prismacolor pencils. Students will learn techniques to smooth away all the pencil strokes to get a painted portrait appearance without years of painting experience.

Students will learn texturing techniques on canvas board to create the background and the richly colored Harvest Moon. We'll hand color our own paper to design the parallel side frames and use foil for an exquisite adornment. Learn tips and tricks to plan and place embellishments to appear randomly scattered through out Her Majesty's magnificent hair, including hand colored lace and blooms and assorted embellishments we will paint and dye in this workshop. As an added bonus, students will have the opportunity to dye their own Tibetan lamb skin in this workshop using a no mess system and a long list of color recipes will be included in addition to the Burgundy color in the class sample.

Techniques Include:

  • Basic sketching for a ¾ face view and proportions
  • Skin tones with colored pencils
  • Portrait smoothing techniques
  • Add multiple textures and layers to a canvas board based collage
  • How to blend multiple colors and not make mud
  • Preserving twigs for your project
  • Adding color and a little sparkle to embellishments
  • Working with Foil and Foil Glue
  • Dyeing Tibetan lamb skin
  • Creating a wig template and attaching hair
  • Scatter embellishments to appear random properly
  • Create a dimensional goblet
  • Lesson One: Create a lovely paper doll and textured background collage
  • Lesson Two: Background painting, attaching the paper doll, work with foil and visit the moon
  • Lesson Three: Re-color embellishment bits and bobs, play and make a regal mess
  • Lesson Four: Dress and crown your Harvest Queen, and do her final bidding

    Price: $50.00 

    Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday (Eastern time) Contact Email: