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Dragonfly Rider e-pattern by Judy Skeel       Dragonfly Rider

Dragonfly Rider

designed by Judy Skeel
The Dragonfly Rider checks on the forest every morning and carries messages back and forth in his satchel. The 9 inch rider wears leather boots and gloves and a silk tunic. His face is sculpted in 100% cotton fabric, and his hair and rooted eyelashes are made of Tibetan Lamb.
The Dragonfly has elegant, translucent wings with an iridescent glow to them. His torso has a poseable armature that is wrapped in ribbon and can be covered or lightly embellished with bead work.
Together this pair can be placed above a pedestal to appear flying or suspended from a ceiling fro a more natural look. Place them near your plants and they will both keep smiling forever!

Designer: With Love From Skeelhaven
File size: 1.58 MB
Document size: 8.5" x 11"
Level: Intermediate/Advanced
Sale info: The purchaser of this pattern may make as many dolls from this pattern as desired. If you sell a doll from this design, even if it is altered, please acknowledge my work and list, “Original design by Judy Skeel” on your tag.”

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