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Poking Fun! Felted Whimsical Cats       Poking Fun! Felted Whimsical Cats

Poking Fun! Felted Whimsical Cats
Designed by Laura Lunsford
When I take part in any bazaar, art show, etc. I usually do a demonstration of some sort, often bringing doll heads in various stages to sculpt. I wanted something a bit different, so decided to do some needle felting. I had a nice little collection of roving and had tried a bear featured in SD&A a couple of years ago, which was fun. Before the big events, I thought it a good idea to practice some, so I would look like I knew what I was doing. I made another little bear, and a funny looking bird. I started to make a rabbit, but he turned into a singing bear. Then I spied a ceramic cat I have with long legs and a grin on it's face. I love cats, and I was soon to find out, so do a lot of others! Now let me state here, there are a many artists who make beautiful, realistic looking sculptures. This was not my intent. I just wanted something whimsical and fairly easy to do, so after a few hits & misses, I finally figured out just what and how I could accomplish my goal. I learned a lot while playing around. Mostly: the more you do, the more ways you find to manipulate the roving into the desired shapes. Oh, and to be careful to not poke those sharp needles into your fingers. Ouch! If you have considered trying needle felting, but like myself, felt a bit intimidated, then this may just the thing to also get you started. Experienced “felters” may laugh, but that's OK. I'm having fun, and hope you may too. My techniques may not quite be legitimate, but they work. Laura

Designer: Laura Lunsford
Document size: 8.5" x 11"
Level: All levels

©Laura Lunsford Sales info: Up to 6 may be made from this pattern. Please give the designer credit on any label.

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