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      Faerie Couture class

Class is ongoing.

Do you love faeries? Do you love costumes? Do you need an unusual gift for someone else with the same love? Join Doll artist Judy Skeel and create not one but two elegant Faerie costumes on inexpensive paper mache mannequins.

Two samples will be created simultaneously through the class; Faerie of Light and The Dark Faerie, each on a base of faux marble.

Learn layering and distressing techniques, to create illusion costuming, how to create and adapt embellishments as well as how to create two variations of translucent wings from one basic pattern. Create a one of a kind piece of art with a costume that lives in your very own fantasy world!

  • Lesson One: Faux Marble
      Learn to layer paint to create a finish that resembles marble
  • Lesson Two: Creating the Costume Base
      Using fabrics, create layered costumes fit for faeries
  • Lesson Three: Embellishments
      Fiber decorations and embellishments are created and adapted to enhance each costume individually
  • Lesson Four: Wings and Things
      Wing variations are created in two styles from one basic pattern

    Price: $30.00 

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday (Eastern time) Contact Email: