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      Handling Hands class

Handling Hands

Do you wish your cloth dolls had lovely hands that could be posed in a graceful, realistic position? Join us and learn the secrets to easily turn and stuff hands with individual fingers, create pose able hand armature and stuff the hand for realistic dimensions. Become skilled at the simple steps to repair any blowout on sewn fingers. Class details include basic hand needle sculpting to keep the stuffing in the perfect spot and how to bend and shape the hand into a realistic natural pose. No more alien hands with fat palms and stick out fingers! When you make a human like doll you need human looking hands and this class will teach you the tricks! We will also cover making lovely lady fingernails and how to create manly hands. A pattern will be available to use these hands for a completed doll.

Lesson One: Sewing, Turning and Wiring Hands teaches the basics as well as details and secrets for making fingers turn and demonstrates how to repair the dreaded finger blowout

Lesson Two: Stuffing, Stitching and Posing Hands includes tips for ladder stitching a seam closed beautifully, needle sculpting the hand, detailing hands with fingernails and posing doll hands in a natural way 

This workshop includes photos of detailed step-by-step instructions. Judy Skeel has been teaching doll making for more than a dozen years to doll clubs, doll conferences and on line. She is regarded as generous and patient as well as a fun instructor.

Class available to join anytime!

Price: $30.00 

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday (Eastern time) Contact Email: