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      Lady Grace

Designer: Judy Skeel, With Love from Skeelhaven  

Lady Grace

Designed by Judy Skeel
Lady Grace is an elegant wall hanging doll with a multi-layered head wrap above and an embellished tassel below her billowing skirt. She focuses on creating graceful expressive hands, including how to properly turn, wire, stuff and shape hands for a realistic shape and natural pose as well as creating elongated finger nails. Facial details include detailed needle sculpting steps as well as facial drawing, coloring, and the application of eye make-up along with highlights and shadows for a face with depth. This pattern also teaches how to create the beaded brooch on her chest.  

Designer: Judy Skeel
File size: 2 MB
Document size: 8.5" x 11"
Level: Advanced
Sale info:  The owner of this pattern has my permission to make as many dolls as they wish. When selling dolls please label ones made or adapted from this pattern with, “Original design by Judy Skeel.”

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