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Imagine class Price: $30.00 


with Linda Misa Come join me on a journey to convert some of your doll making skills into

beautiful collages to put on your walls.

Follow the easy steps I have taken to lay images onto collaged paper or fabric using simple processes and tools. 

I will show you how by starting with pre-drawn templates you can transfer the design, build up layers of colour slowly and learn to make your own design choices to create an individual collage.  You will be painting the main image in this class. 

You will see that with a little effort and some smart ideas you can use your doll making skills in a new way.

Lots of full colour pictures with clear information and templates designed ready for you to use. Come join in and let me show you how to use your skills to take you another step into a fun and creative endeavor.

There are 7 lessons in this class and they will all be loaded at once. 



Class is ongoing. Join anytime!   

Hours: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday (Eastern time) Contact Email: